Camp Roger

YMCA Camp Roger Program Information


YMCA Camp Roger welcomes girls and boys ages 6 to 17, regardless of ethnic or religious backgrounds. The campers participate in traditional camp activities including arts and crafts, mountain bike riding, horseback riding, archery, teambuilding, hiking and outdoor education.  These programs are designed to help campers who attends YMCA Camp Roger

Build self-esteem, develop values, promote good health, and have fun.

  • Each camper will select her own activity during clinic time.
  • Staff will provide the campers with positive comments and encouragement throughout their stay.
  • Each camper will be awarded a dog tag at the end of the week recognizing the core value the staff saw the camper most emulate during their stay at camp.
  • Each camper is given the opportunity to earn recognition in activity areas for demonstrated growth and skill.
  • Campers will participate in nightly reflection of their daily experiences.

Foster an environment that celebrates cultural diversity and the unique abilities of each person.

  • Campers will participate in getting-to-know you games during the first 24 hours of camp.
  • Camp Staff are recruited from around the world and country.
  • Daily flag raising incorporates recognition of the countries staff come from.
  • Staff contribute to theme meals and activities throughout the week sharing customs and traditions from their country.

Work toward building one YMCA family as part of one world, while honoring the uniqueness of each person.

  • Campers will share in daily chores such as dish washing, cleaning up the lodge, picking  up around camp, cleaning bathrooms and mucking the corral.
  • Each camper will live in a group with other campers either in cabins. Within these groups, campers will be part of a community-making decisions and keeping the area clean.
  • Campers will participate in meals served family style.

Teach reverence for the world and the action steps to care for it.

  • At the beginning of each session, the campers will discuss as a group the importance of taking care of their camp and the type of things that they need to do such as picking up litter, staying on trails, not picking flowers, respecting property (no  graffiti), and conserving water.
  • Each camper will participate in at least one nature session while at camp.
  • Each camper will have the opportunity to participate in at least one hike.
  • Each camper will have the opportunity to participate in at least one-night hike.
  • Campers and staff will participate in recycling of materials such as aluminum cans, cardboard, and paper.
  • Each unit will be encouraged to perform a service project at camp to help the environment such as picking up litter, recycling, erosion control, exotic species removal, and trail development. 

Instill the values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility for themselves, others, and the environment.

  • Each camper will participate in at least two activities during the week that will personally challenge the camper - such as team building, hiking, outdoor living skills, arts and crafts, theater or fire building.
  • Campers will have the opportunity to work in small groups during cookouts while they plan, prepare, and clean up after the meal as a group with each camper taking on different roles.
  • Each camper will sets goals towards a stronger understanding of and the ability to emulate one of the four core values - caring, honesty, respect and responsibility - through out the week.
  • Campers will learn at least one new skill while at camp.




Ages 8-15  |  $560 per session

Traditional Camp provides an opportunity for campers to participate in the wide range of activities offered at Camp Roger, including mountain biking, archery, hiking, arts and crafts, orienteering, outdoor cooking, theater and so much more! We love traditional camp because it offers the best "all around" camping experience! This is the kind of experience residential camping was made for!  As an added bonus, you can connect any traditional camp session with any other camp session with a weekend stay over to DOUBLE the fun!


Ages 6 – 7  |  $225 per session (only available for sessions 1, 2, 8 & 9)

Little Rogers are certainly the cutest campers on the mountain. Designed for our youngest paticipants to get them acclimated to camp life, Little Rogers is a one night, 2-day experience at Camp Roger for explorers ages 6-7 years old. Check in starts at 9:15 am on Thursday mornings and check out is with the rest of camp at 6:30 pm on Friday evening. This camp is the perfect experience of summer camp for first-timers! To keep them extra safe,  Little Roger's will not participate in any swimming or activities involving horses - but trust us, there’s SO MUCH fun to be had! (FYI: There is no transport option for this camp)


Ages 7-8  |  $385 per session (only available for sessions 1, 2, 8 & 9)

Designed for our campers who aren’t quite ready to spend an entire week away from home, our mini camp experience offers the same kind of fun in a shorter amount of time. Mini Camp campers with check in on Mondays at 4:30 pm and check out on Wednesdays at 3:30 pm. Mini Campers will participate in archery, arts and crafts, cook-out breakfast, and dinner, fire building, circus, nature, and orienteering. While we believe Mini Camp is the perfect opportunity for first-time campers, we are sure they’ll return home ready for so much more time on the mountain! (FYI: There is no transport option for this camp)



YMCA Camp Roger’s leadership programs are designed to progressively develop our young camp alumni from a “rising star” in to hopeful camp staff applicants. This year we are significantly raising our game with off-site backpacking trips, a detailed orientation, team building and supervised experience within the camp program as mentors or leaders to our younger campers. Our goal is to challenge each individual to think of the bigger picture (what it means to be a leader) and how that relates to themselves, the team, camp and their home life. We believe this experience could be life-changing and  give direction for the years to come!


14 year olds  |  $600 per session

Created with 14-year-old campers in mind, Rising Stars will experience their favorite camp activities in the afternoon with an increased emphasis on leadership development, team building and adventure in the mornings. While on the mountain, campers will take major steps to develop their leadership skills and identify their leadership style while working as a team on and off the campsite. We expect Rising Stars to engage with all campers by leading songs, helping around camp, and being a role model. While this program may be different from past years, we are confident it will elevate their camp experience.


Ages 15-16  |  $750 for a 2 week session (only available during sessions 2 & 3)

This two-week specialized staff-training program for 15 or 16-year-olds is exactly what it sounds like. Hands on leadership training that teaches campers the necessary skills and responsibilities to be a YMCA Camp Roger staff team member in the years to come! LIT’s participate in leadership development focusing on team building, cooperation, and supervision. Additionally the team will be planning and implementing a two night, three day backpacking trip in the Uinta’s with our Leadership Specialists. These campers will work side-by-side with staff members to gain skills in managing group behavior, leading activities, and supporting the staff.


Ages 15-16  |  $750 for a 2 week  session

A two-week leadership development program 15 and 16-year-olds provides training for our older, more experienced equestrian campers who are interested in working with the horses at camp. This is in conjunction with the Leader in Training (LIT) program and is limited to 6 equestrians. Riders will be exposed to all aspects of working with horses, program development,teaching young riders how to be safe when horseback riding, and properly caring for the animals. Interested and qualified campers need to complete an application (linked here) and include at least one reference prior to registering.   


Ages 16-17  |  $800 for a 3 week session (only available for sessions 4, 5 & 6)

The CIT experience is designed for 16 or 17-year old campers to refine leadership abilities through continued development of skills, a significant off-site overnight experience and hands-on work experience in programs and cabins. In the first week of the program CIT’s will reflect on their previous years at camp while developing goals for the future, continuing to develop their leadership styles and planning for the second week off-site adventure. The second week will consist of a multi-night adventure off camp that will aim to challenge the individual and team with a detailed debrief and plan for the last week. In the last week, the group being involved in leading program activities while supervised by the camp staff team. As a nationally ranked leadership and community organization, this YMCA leadership development opportunity is transferable to almost any future work experience including college applications.




One Time Horse Ride  |  $25 added to a tradition camp session

We encourage this addition for any age! No skills or prior experience needed! Here, your camper will learn basics of riding and take one (1) trail ride with our skilled equestrians. 

Trailblazers  |   $75 added onto traditional session 

Designed for ages 8-15, campers will spend Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons at the corral. They will learn the basics of riding, develop those skills, and participate in three(3) trail rides. 

Horsemanship  |  $115 added onto traditional session

This addition is primarily for ages 8-15. Each morning, campers will spend time at the corral and are assessed and split into skill levels. Skill levels learn anything from the basics of dismounting and tacking to more advanced like first aid and cantering. 


Ages 12-15  |  $275 added onto traditional session (only available for sessions 7 & 8)

By adding extreme camp to your campers experience, each participant will  in evening activities and all traditions, but instead of traditional camp activities during the day they participate in the following

  • Monday- Mountain biking in Park City
  • Tuesday- Rock climbing at Wall Lake
  • Wednesday- Whitewater rafting down the Weber River
  • Thursday- High ropes course, tubing, or Trampoline Park at Utah Olympic Park


$85 added when you choose 2 camp sessions

Can’t get enough of camp?! Neither can we! Add a weekend stay-over when you register your camper for two or more consecutive weeks at camp Roger. This cost includes additional meals and lodging and exclusive weekend-stay-over activities voted on by the campers themselves!



Can’t make it to Camp Roger for camper drop-off or pick-up? That’s okay! We’ve got you covered. We run bus routes at the beginning and end of each week of camp. Drop-off and pick-up are located at Millcreek Elementary.