YMCA Summer Overnight Camp

Toss aside those cell phones and gaming systems and make way for time in Utah's Great Outdoors! Through residential summer camp programs, kids and teens have the opportunity to explore nature, become a community, develop confidence, gain independence, and home in on some important leadership skills!

We firmly believe that camping helps to teach self-reliance, a love for nature and the outdoors, and supports development of attitudes and practices that build character and leadership—all amidst the fun of campfires, games, traditions, and meaningful relationships! What could be better, right?

Our YMCA camp counselors are hand picked because of their strong character and are dedicated to making sure camp is an amazing experience for every camper. We offer two overnight camps in the Wasatch National Forest for your child to experience adventure and excitement. So, which one will it be?



For over 60 years Mill Hollow has been THE environmental education center for Utah.YMCA Mill Hollow carries forward that rich tradition of summer camp: skits, songs, campfires, s’mores, arts and crafts, hiking, and so much more while campers connect with the natural sciences through outdoor education and exploration. During a 3-day adventure for 2nd and 3rd graders, campers will explore by turning Utah’s mountain landscape into an outdoor laboratory where campers have the opportunity to experience the natural sciences while getting a little muddy, making new friends, and having a whole lot of fun.




At Camp Roger, kids develop outdoor skills in a structured small group setting. The goal here is for our campers will grow in independence, responsibility, and confidence as they are guided through the camp experience by hand-picked and trained staff.  Each week's is theme is designed to captivate youth in new and exciting ways! In addition to the traditional camp, we offer specialty camps that allow campers to grow in in areas such a leadership development, horseback riding and extreme sports!


Water Safety Information:

The YMCA of Northern Utah takes all aspects of health and safety seriously. We have been working closely with the state of Utah to ensure the water provided at both of our residential camping sites is of the highest quality.

Both of our Camps are located on public land and draws its drinking water from springs at each site. To ensure coliform is below the required limits prior to anyone drinking from the system, water systems at both camps are tested by following the procedures outlined by the state's requirements. Additionally, the water system at both camps is tested each month to maintain quality. Should there be an issue with the system, the YMCA administrative team will aim to contact all relevant participants to update on the situation.

To additionally help minimize the risk, the YMCA works with the Rural Water Association to conduct an annual hazard analysis at the beginning of each season. This involves testing all backflow assemblies and devices with a certified tester, training all staff to ensure they understand their obligations and giving our participants more perspective though mediums such as this.  The Director of Camping -  Lee Vaughan is certified as the Cross Connection Program Administrator. If you wish to understand the subject of Cross Connection you can reach out to the Department of Environment – Drinking Water Department or find more information here.  

If you would prefer to speak to a representative from the YMCA about this topic, you can contact Lee Vaughan at 801-839-3379.