Skyller's Y Story

When Skyller came to the Y’s Preschool Program he was severely behind developmentally. He lacked social skills and had difficulty communicating. His pediatrician recommended that Skyller enroll in the Early Intervention Program offered by the Ogden School District so that he could receive speech and physical therapy. The Y’s Preschool Program is one of six preschools statewide that are participating in an Early Intervention Pilot Program. This program is designed to make preschool classrooms more accessible for special needs students like Skyller. The first few weeks were difficult for Skyller as he had to learn how to function in a classroom and his teachers had to learn about his challenges and needs. But, as the school year progressed, so did Skyller! He became a better communicator, improved academically, learned his shapes and colors, how to clean up after himself, and how to take direction. Skyller’s parents and teachers are impressed with his improvements and couldn’t be happier with his success.