T.O. Smith Elementary Afterschool Program

Good news from the YMCA!

If you haven't heard already, we have some splendid news to share with you... The Afterschool Program at T.O. Smith Elementary are completely FREE! 
This good news comes at a small cost. Due to some unfortunate changes in grant funding, the YMCA will no longer be running these programs. However, the Ogden School District wanted to make sure that families had access to these quality and helpful programs so they will now be leading the afterschoool programs at James Madison and T.O. Smith
I'm sure you're wondering - "What do I do now?"
Please call the secretary at the school of your choice and let them know you'd like to register your child for the afterschool program. 
T.O. Smith Elementary 801-737-8350
If you have registered, the YMCA will return any paid registration fees. We apologize for the inconvience and we sincerely thank you for being a part of the YMCA family. if you have any questions or concerns please call us at 801-839-3385 or email us at weberfamily@ymcautah.org

Have a great school year!!