Although we've been quiet, we've been listening and working towards action. At this moment, protests in all 50 states and 18 countries are prompting the largest civil rights movement in history. It's a sobering reality that in 2020, people of color are continuing to face social injustice and inequality. 

At the YMCA of Northern Utah, we're here for all. And we mean ALL. We want you to know that our YMCA is a safe, welcoming place for your family and that we are making a few changes to stand in solidarity with our staff, participant families and communities of diverse backgrounds.  

Please see this letter from our CEO, Richard West and Board Chair, Andrea Barlow:

Dear YMCA Families, 

The YMCA of Northern Utah, Board of Directors and Staff, joins the nation in mourning the loss of those who have died unjustly across our country. We believe that black lives matter and we denounce racism, hatred, and violence in any form. As an organization it is imperative that the YMCA embrace our mission and values – to help all thrive and to strengthen the foundations of community. 

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our purpose. We choose to work together to create communities where all may live, grow, and thrive to reach their fullest potential. We recognize and honor the diversity that weaves a tapestry of unique beauty in our community. 

The YMCA of Northern Utah strives to be a force for change, growth and empowerment. But we know we can and must do better. As an organization we are committing to the following actions: 

  • Strengthening and refocusing our Diversity and Inclusion committee with additional members, resources, and expectations. 
  • Forming a parent advisory council from BIPOC families to serve as an advisory group to our Diversity and Inclusion committee. 
  • Implementing a mandatory unconscious bias training for our full team. 
  • Growing the number of BIPOC individuals at every level within the organization including customers, staff, volunteers, board and committee members. 
  • Enlisting consultants in the areas of diversity and social justice to present to our board and management during upcoming strategic planning sessions. 
  • Accurately representing BIPOC in our content with a commitment to diversity in everything we publish. 

We believe that compassion and inclusion are the embodiment of our collective strength, that what unites us will always be stronger than what divides us, and that racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, and any form of prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination have no place in the Y, or in the communities we serve. 

The YMCA as a multicultural nonprofit organization is focused on strengthening community. We commit to intentionally and permanently work against issues of racism and exclusion. As long as the Y exists we will strive to create positive social change and will do so in the name of equity and justice for all. 


With Hope and Intention, 

Rich West, CEO

Andrea Barlow, Board Chair