Financial Assistance

The YMCA of Northern Utah is committed to ensuring that all children are able to access Y programs.  To ensure that a family’s ability to pay is not a barrier to access, the Y offers three forms of financial assistance:

1. Reduced Pricing: For families who do not qualify for formal financial assistance, the Y may still be able to help by offering a reduced program price.  We are generally able to offer a 5%-10% program price reduction thanks to generous funds made available through our annual fund (community donations campaign).  To request this, please contact the appropriate YMCA office listed below.

2. Childcare Subsidy Program from the Department of Workforce Services: This program is the YMCA’s primary financial assistance partner. To qualify, you will need to be a single parent household with the parent working at least 15 hours per week, or a dual-parent household with one parent working 30 hours per week and one parent working 15 hours per week.  To learn more and apply, go online or call 801.526.9675.

Through the support of donors, we are proud to be able to work with families to make sure that cost is not a barrier to participation. We offer an optional reduced cost rate for anyone that needs it, no additional paperwork required. Additional income-based financial assistance may also be available. Interested families are encouraged to talk with our staff or download a financial assistance application form, which can be found below. All youth receive the same program experience regardless of the price paid.  

3. YMCA Financial Assistance Program: For those requiring additional assistance, funds have been made available to the YMCA through our generous community donors. The YMCA Financial Assistance Program provides funds on a sliding scale based on income. To apply, please contact the appropriate YMCA office below. 

YMCA Offices:

Weber County Programs: 801.839.3385

Salt Lake County Programs: 801.839.3412 

Overnight Camps, Park City, Heber Day Camps: 801.839.3379  

If you are applying for assistance for YMCA Camp Roger, YMCA Mill Hollow, Park City Day camp, or Heber Day camp please follow the instructions below: 

A. Enroll your child in the camp of their choice: Log onto our camps website here:  and choose your camp program.  Then click one of the blue registration buttons, create a family and camper profile, and enroll your child in their program of choice.  You will be asked to pay the deposit. If you are unable, select cash/check and we will settle after we receive your financial aid information.

B. Apply for Assistance: All of our forms have gone digital!  To access the application, return to the purple dashboard screen of the registration website and click on the "Forms" section on the left, then click on your child's name. Instructions are at the top.  You must also upload supporting documents in this section ( proof of SNAP, Reduced/Free Lunch, 2018 tax forms or current pay stubs )

C. Email our camps staff at explaining that you have applied for financial assistance. Please include the following information: your name, phone number, and names of the children applying for financial aid.

We will send you an email when you have been approved.

Note: We will only accept emailed or faxed documents with special permission. Please call our camp office at 801-839-3379 if you are unable to use our website.