Health & Wellness

For years, the YMCA has been committed to your health and well-being. While our YMCA in Utah may not have a traditional brick and mortar YMCA building, healthy living is and remains to be one of top priorities. In these unprecedented times, your physical and mental health have never been more important. Check out some the resources below to stay active and Mindful! 

YMCA 360

Did you know that the traditional YMCA's are full of group exercise classes? In order to help their members stay active, YMCA of the USA has released YMCA 360, a virtual group exercise class that you join for free! There are classes for every level from beginning to advanced and vary from generic strength conditioning to something specific like yoga for runners and cyclists! Check it out here!


  • Each weekday at 4:00 PM, join Joanna (AKA Uintas) on Facebook for a live mindfulness session! She's sharing techniques and tips to keep your mental health in check during times of social isolation! 

  • Sharing Friendship

    • Sit mindfully, with your spine straight and body relaxed. Close your eyes. Take three soft, slow, mindful breaths
    • Think of someone or something that makes you happy. Maybe it is a person you love or a special pet. 
    • Imagine your feeling for this person or pet as golden rays of light shine in your heart. Breathe in and out, and imagine sending the golden light to a friend who needs kindness and love. Imagine your friend smiling. 
    • Continue breathing normally and with your next breathe out, send your golden light to someone you don’t know very well. See that person receive your light and smile.
    • Now breathe in and out, and share your golden ray with someone you feel grumpy towards. Watch your kindness help that person feel love and kindness. 
    • Finally, share your golden light with everyone in the world. Imagine everyone laughing together and feeling good. 
    • Smile and embrace that happy feeling. Take three more soft, slow, mindful breaths before you open your eyes.