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Thank you for joining us in this virtual space for three days of connection, celebration, and community, as we gather to share the great power of camp. Every day for the next couple of days, you should receive 1 or 2 emails a day. Each will contain bite-sized content that you can watch whenever you have a spare minute or you can wait until the end of the day and view it all at once.

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Camp Mill Hollow was originally started by Dr. Ron Beckstrom in conjunction with Granite School District, the Forest Service, and other passionate individuals. Dr. Beckstrom recognized the importance of hands-on learning. He saw that students benefited from time in nature, especially during the summer season when school was out of session. 

Due to Dr. Beckstrom's passion and conviction, his family spent a lot of time at camp. His kids remember fishing at the nearby lake while the lodge and cabins were being constructed. As they grew they continued to be involved at camp, a tradition that was passed down to their children and grandchildren. To this day, they are frequent visitors and supporters of camp.

Granite School District operated Mill Hollow as a outdoor educational center for 60 years. The YMCA took over operations in 2017 where they continue to focus on place-based learning such as geology, plant and animal identification, and forestry, to name a few.



Overnight Campers


Meals Served


Financial Assistance Awarded


Scholarshipped Campers


We don't know about you, but thinking about camp has us wondering if all our favorite places have always looked the same. Check out some old school photos from the yester-years of camp and see if you recognize some of these wonderful people or locations.

Does looking at these photos remind you of your summers? Are you feeling nostalgic for starry nights, cabins filled with laughter, or good old spaghetti for dinner? Feel free to take this opportunity to email, send via owl, or post on social media your photos or memories and tag us. We would love to see what memories you have, both in photos and also in your hearts.


Bear Sighting


Dog Tags


Trips to Mirror Lake


Seasonal Summer Staff 

Welcome back for s'more campfire magic!

Yesterday we watched, read, and enjoyed learning about the 'spark' that ignited the passion for camp. Both Camp Roger and Camp Mill Hollow have been around for many years. The impact that those camp programs have had on their participants, families, staff, and communities, cannot be easily measured. 

Whether you attended camp once or were a frequent flyer, you walked away with a connection to nature, long-lasting friendships and memories, the opportunity to learn and build new skills, and a sense of a belonging for a community that is larger than any one person.

Together, we go farther. Join us today to highlight our summer achievements and get ready for next summer!  


Listen to a brief message from Teri Cooper, one of our Board Members and a parent of Camp Roger and Camp Mill Hollow campers. 

Her kids started attending overnight camp at age 8. She is impressed with the passionate camp staff who show her kids a 'marvelously fun' camp environment where they learn new skills and walk away with an increased appreciation for the ideas of others.

If you are a new family looking for a great experience for your kids this summer, or interested in one of our other camps, then check out these videos featuring Camp Roger, and Camp Mill Hollow, and visit our website here to learn more about day camp!

Come join us at the Y!


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Roasted S'mores


Horses Ridden


Value Pins

Welcome to our final day of our virtual campfire and summer celebration!

Know that we couldn't have pulled off this summer, or this event, without you. Whether this is your first interaction with the YMCA, or your millionth, you are a part of our family and our community.  

We want to express our sincerest appreciation for spending time with us this week, trusting us with your campers this summer, giving up your time and energy as a staff member or volunteer, and making financial contributions to help make all of this possible.

Join us today for a final look at this summer, to register or apply for next summer, to recognize and celebrate some outstanding individuals, or sing along at our final campfire. Know that it is your 'spark' that kindles our passion for camp.

We can't do this without you. Thank you.




Summer Camp is an amazing experience.

Campers get to learn new skills, build strong relationships, and belong to an inclusive, intentional, and compassionate camp community. The life skills learned at camp will positively affect each individual and be carried with them for the rest of their lives. Camp isn't just about the campers, it's about the families, the community, and the world.

We hope that you will consider joining us next summer. Register here

Want to give the gift of camp, please consider donating here



Mill Hollow

Each week at Mill Hollow offers two 3-day/2-night sessions (Monday-Wednesday and Wednesday-Friday), and one five-day session. 

Session Dates
Week 1 July 12th-16th
Week 2 July 19th-23rd
Week 3 July 26th-30th
Week 4 August 2nd-6th
Week 5 August 9th-13th


Not ready to commit to camp registration yet? Here are a few of our community events coming this summer:

  • Open House: June 26th
  • Alumni BBQ: July 17th
  • Adults Only Weekend: August 20th-22nd


Camp Roger

Sessions and Themes Dates
Session1- LEGO June 6th-11th
Session 2- Out of this World June 13th-18th
Session 3- Superheroes June 20th-25th
Session 4- Around the World in 6 Days July 27th- July 2nd
Session 5- Fear Factor July 11th-16th
Session 6- Color Wars July 18th-23rd
Session 7- Tokyo Olympics July 25th-30th
Session 8- Wild Wild West August 1st-6th
Session 9- The Amazing Race August 8th-13th


All specialty weeks are as follows:

  • Little Rogers & Mini Camp run during Sessions 1, 2, 8 and 9
  • Rising Stars run during Session 3
  • LIT/WIT's run during Sessions 5 and 6
  • CIT's run during Sessions 7, 8 and 9

Special dates

  • Camp Clean-Up: May 29th
  • Open House: June 5th



CARING - Showing a sincere concern for others


We are looking for passionate individuals who embody the character values of the YMCA: Honesty, Caring, Respect, and Responsibility.

Our work at camp isn't just about teaching campers skills such horsemanship, trail etiquette, and archery. It is also about teaching life skills such as leadership, compassion, integrity, group dynamics, and character. In this environment, we don't just teach campers, we learn from them too. This is an experience that will change your life.

You don't have to take our word for it, listen to some of our staff from this last summer and hear what they have to say about their experiences at camp.

If taking on this adventure sounds like something you are interested in, click here to apply.

And if you are a returning staff, click here.


HONESTY - Be truthful in what you say and do



Camp Spirit:

Every camper loves camp, and there are some kids who truly can't contain how much they love it. You can see it on their faces, you can hear it in their voices, and it is in their hearts. They embody the spirit of camp. 
Jonty - Mill Hollow 'Camp Spirit' Recipient:
From campers to staff everyone recognized Jonty's ear-to-ear grin and contagious laughter. Not only was he able to join us for multiple sessions during 2020, but each time was a new adventure. He always had ideas to make his cabin's camp experience the best it could be. Jonty managed to reach around barriers and connect with everyone. This summer we saw him comforting kids missing home, teaching kids songs and jokes and playing endless amounts of "where's my hat." Jonty made sure everyone that came to Mill Hollow knew how special it was. Thank you, Jonty, for teaching us all how to carry the magic of camp with us everywhere we go. 
Lilly, Martha, and Neil - Camp Roger 'Camp Spirit' Recipient:
These three siblings came to Camp Roger for what essentially amounted to a month of time. Throughout their time on camp, Lily, Martha, and Neil embodied exactly what we hope camp to be for all those who register. They bought into the crazy, and wild experience that is camp with full passion and enthusiasm. They often went above and beyond in BIG ways; and in doing so were prime examples of the love of Camp Roger! As their weeks went on, they helped cabin mates adjust to camp and also assisted counselors in teaching songs and games. Thank you Lilly, Martha, and Neil, for bring the spirit of camp alive.


Camp Character:

We teach character values at camp, allowing each and every camper to build and develop their own value system. While embodying Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility, these campers help to build our camp community.

Hannah - Mill Hollow 'Camp Character' Recipient:
To say Hannah changed our experience at camp this summer is truly an understatement. We were able to host her for five different sessions. Together we explored the core values, caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility; and how practicing these character traits impact our own camp experience as well as the experience of the other campers. Hannah taught us to be a more compassionate camp community and inspired us to look at others' perspectives. She constantly reminded us that it's important to be aware of the people around us and what they are going through. Thank you, Hannah, for making Mill Hollow a better place.
Carson - Camp Roger 'Camp Character' Recipient:
Campers who return to camp year after year know a lot about the character values at Camp. Carson was no exception. He has attended both Camp Roger and Mill Hollow for a number of years. This year at camp, Carson continued to discover his sense of self and inspired the rest of us to do the same. His manners, values, and attitude towards camp were absolutely exceptional. Carson's personality is contagious which comes out in a big way during campfires and all camp activities. He was extremely supportive of new campers and staff alike. Thank you Carson for bring your spirit, passion, and all of you to camp.


The Patrick Green Service Award

It takes a village to run and operate camp every summer and we can't do it without the support and passion of our YMCA community. It our honor to name this brand new award after a man who truly exhibits what service means to the Y. His legacy of giving and compassion will ripple through our organization for generations to come.

YMCA Board Member, Patrick Green attended Camp Roger as a young child and worked there as a young adult. He knows better than any of us the impact that camp can have on a life. Every summer, without fail, Patrick is our greatest supporter. Whether he's coming to cut a tree, fix a plumbing issue, repair a faulty generator, or share some wisdom, there isn't a time of day when he won't drop everything and rush to camp to help. Staff and campers alike recognize Patrick's smile around camp. We know that 2020 has been a heck of year and we couldn't have made camp happen without him. We know his impact on the Y goes far beyond just camp and we are incredibly grateful for his time and support. Patrick, we are so grateful for your time, efforts, and support. Thank you. 

RESPECT - Treat others the way we'd like to be treated



This is it. Our last campfire of the Summer Camp 2020 season. We hope that you have enjoyed your time with us this week and that you have truly felt the magic of camp. Camp really does change lives and our world is better with a little more camp in it.

As you join us in singing, will you also consider making a donation.

Your gift gives more kids the opportunity to come to camp. Your generosity can be the fuel that lights the fire that keeps camp alive inside of all of us. Your passion helps us transform lives and build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities. 

RESPONSIBILITY - Be accountable for your promises and actions



Did you know that in Summer 2020, the YMCA of Northern Utah awarded over $33,000 in financial assistance. 85% of the total campers that attend Camp Mill Hollow and Camp Roger received some kind of assistance to attend camp.

In the midst of the Covid -19 pandemic, campers and staff came together for a life-changing experience. Don't just take our word for it. Here's the response from one of our camp families: 

"I am so thankful for the support of the YMCA. Without it, my child would have stayed inside and isolated for most of the summer. He needed to get out, be active and most importantly to make new friends and get that social interaction he craved. I lost my job in March and this life-changing summer wouldn't have happened for him if we didn't have a scholarship."

Giving in support of our scholarship fund allows us to expand our impact. 

Join us in giving today.