Camp Roger

Financial Assistance

The YMCA is committed to ensuring that ALL families have access to the high-quality programming the Y is known for.  Through the support of donors, we are proud to be able to work with families to make sure that cost is not a barrier to participation.  All youth receive the same program experience regardless of the price paid. Download the application below. 

What are the prices? 

$560 is the true cost of operating camp and to fully maintain the highest quality program experience. 

Optional Reduced Cost is a partially subsidized rate for families that need a little assistance without desiring to fill out additional paperwork. Use coupon code "save100" during the enrollment process to take advantage of the optional reduced cost. 

When should I apply for additional financial assistance?   
Please go through our registration process first in order to apply. You can immediately submit your financial assistance application and supporting paperwork for consideration. Using the scale below will let you roughly estimate your cost for camp with financial assistance and decide what is the best fit for your family.  Remember - we do not turn anyone away for lack of funds. Without enrolling and making deposit arrangements, your spot will not be reserved and you there may not be spots available in the session you wanted.
Please note: we require a $50 non-refundable deposit in order to reserve your spot at camp and register your camper. If you are not able to pay the deposit immediately, please contact our camps office, and we will help you make arrangements. 
YMCA Overnight Camps Sliding Fee Scale
# in Household Household Income up to:
2 $18,100 $24,150 $30,200 $36,250 $42,300 $48,300 $54,350 $60,400
3 $20,400 $27,200 $34,000 $40,800 $47,600 $54,350 $61,150 $67,950
4 $22,650 $30,200 $37,750 $45,300 $52,850 $60,400 $67,950 $75,500
5 $24,450 $32,600 $40,750 $48,900 $57,050 $65,250 $73,400 $81,550
6 $26,250 $35,025 $43,800 $52,575 $60,825 $70,050 $78,825 $87,600
7 $28,100 $37,450 $46,800 $56,150 $65,500 $74,900 $84,250 $93,600
8 $29,900 $39,875 $49,850 $59,825 $69,800 $79,750 $89,725 $99,700
 % off Full Cost of TRADITIONAL CAMP 85% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20%

When should I apply for additional financial assistance?
A $75 non-refundable deposit is due in order to reserve your spot at camp and register your camper. Some families choose to apply for financial assistance before registering while others choose to register and then apply. It is up to your discretion on which one you would like to do first. If you decide to NOT pay the deposit first then you run the risk that camp becomes full and there may not be spots available in the session you wanted. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We hope to see you this summer!


If you have any questions about the registration process, financial assistance or camp in general, please contact the office at 801.839.3379 or by email at