Camp Mill Hollow



We are SO excited for the brand new curriculum at YMCA Camp Mill Hollow this Summer! With and emphasis on nature and exploration, our camp has never been more dedicated to making learning fun and memorable. At Mill Hollow, campers will get best elements of traditional camp combined with a goal to teach kids about ecology, the environment, animals and so much more! Check out some of the highlights below! 


During each session, EVERY camper will participate in activities centered around: 


  • There are a bunch of incredible species that share this land with us and we have such an awesome opportunity to learn about them in a very up close and personal way! Since YMCA Camp Mill Hollow is situated in a National Forest, the wildlife is largely undisturbed so we are able to observe many animals in their natural habitat. Whether it's their first time in the great outdoors or their thousandth, we're ready with skill based activities and excited to foster a love for animals!


  • What's overnight camp without archery?! During out archery modules, campers will learn the basic safety precautions of archery and hone skills throughout their time with us! We understand that each camper may be at a different skill level, so our trained Archery Instructors are ready to tailor lessons for each skill set! 


  • When campers come to Mill Hollow, they are provided with some of the most beautiful views of the night sky that anybody has ever seen! This is because we are removed from lots of light pollution and we are at a relatively high elevation. The only thing that can make star viewing more incredible is the sharing of stories and facts about objects we can see in the night sky! During astronomy sessions, campers, will learn about celestial objects, cardinal directions and understand more about our universe! 


  • We are situated in the Uinta-Wasatch National Forest so there is a lot of Forest Ecology to learn about all around us! Campers have the awesome privilege of not only experiencing nature firsthand, but also learning all about it from amazing educators! While learning about forest ecology, campers will focus on trees and plants and even try their hand at identifying a few of them! 


  • By studying the Earth’s rocks we provide our campers with a better understanding of how the world is shaped and changed over time. We are able to teach our campers how to identify age and compositions of various pieces of the Earth. We're excited to learn more about our world as we analyze it's rocks and how they've changed over time.


  • Hikes are a great opportunity for an immersive educational experience of Forest Ecology, Animal Science, Geology, and many of the other topics we'll be covering throughout the days at camp! Whether it is the first time for your camper, or they're a seasoned pro- Hiking at Camp Mill Hollow is a blast! We will also learn about Hiker safety and basic survival skills. 


  • Orienteering is the process of using tools to navigate unfamiliar surroundings. We provide many of our campers with their first extended exposure to nature and with these orienteering activities, we are able to give our campers vital tools and knowledge to increase their capacity to navigate the world around them without relying on modern technologies.


  • We use team building games and activities as a way to introduce people and gain a sense of trust and mutual understanding between participants. Campers learn about each other and themselves in fun and exciting ways. This helps build and strengthen our camp family and keeps campers coming back year after year.


  • Water Ecology is the study of what happens in, around, and with water. The Earth itself is about 71% water…and even you are about 60% water! So, understanding water ecology is a vital step towards understanding ourselves and our home planet. Campers at Mill Hollow have a unique opportunity to see a variety of different water sources and to study them in as much depth as they desire. By providing campers with knowledge and tools, they can improve their understanding about water which is the most vital liquid to life!