Our Supporters

When a Y is successful, it is rarely due to what the Y does on its own, but, rather, the Y working with other agencies, cities and community members. Partnering to solve community issues is a key component of the Y’s DNA. The YMCA in Utah has established key relationships with over 40 agencies, organizations, and businesses which provide important resources and services to our programs.

Major Donors 

$10,000+ Gifts

Americorps VISTA United Way of Northern Utah
Utah State Board of Education  Sorenson Legacy Foundation 
State of Utah  Ogden School District 
Department of Workforce Services Mark Brouse & Lynn Hoffman-Brouse 
YMCA of the USA Metro Connections 
George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation Ruth Eleanor Bamberger & John Ernest Bamberger Foundation 
Salt Lake County National Winter Sports Education Foundation 
USB Bank American Express Center of Community Development 

Larry H. Miller Charities

Janet Q. Lawson Foundation 

Comenity Capital Bank




$9,999 - $5,000 Gifts 

LDS Foundation Stewart Education Foundation
Ally Bank Utah Association of Financial Services
Taylorsville City Wells Fargo Foundation
Utah Families Foundation Cross Charitable Foundation 
Workers Compensation Fund Voices of Utah Children
Salt Lake City Corporation                                                                                           
JoAnne L. Shrontz Family Foundation  
Lawrence T. & Janet T. Dee Foundation  
Richard K. & Shirley Hemingway Foundation  


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