Heber Day Camp Session 9 (August 7-11)


Camp Overview

Where can you have a wild, wacky, wet week of watery fun? YMCA Heber Day Camp has all the splashing, soaking, swimming, and silly summer adventures you are seeking. Finish your summer off with a wave of excitement and come prepared to get wet, whether from scoring in water balloon volleyball or getting hit in live action battle ship. Both of our facilities Camp Roger and Mill Hollow will offer new ways to get immersed in H2-OH challenges and games. Prepare your minds to learn about the creatures and life held below the surface as we visit the Loveland Living Aquarium, the Mill Hollow Resevoir, and the Wasatch Mountain State Park pond. And of course, what water week is complete without a swim? The Wasatch Aquatic Center will let you float in the lazy river and a ride down the slide for our final day of YMCA Heber Day Camp 2017. Bring your towel and sunscreen for a week you won't forget with the Y!

Field Trips

Registration fees INCLUDE ALL FIELD TRIP COSTS. Transportation to all field trips is provided. Our field trip schedule may be subject to change up to one week before the session.

While a swim suit is only needed twice this week, please wear clothes every day that you are comfortable getting wet!

Monday: Dive straight into camp fun with a visit to Camp Roger where we'll enjoy the open space to play water games. Bring a swimsuit, towel, and sandals if prefered.
Tuesday: View the wonders of water with a trip to the Loveland Living Aquarium.
Wednesday: Immerse yourself in the science of water at the Rec Center and local park with engaging activities that explore the water creatures and ecosystems in Utah.
Theme Thursday: A second day at Camp Roger will let kids try activities such as archery and fire building, and let kids use waters in ways we haven't yet such as water colors, making bubbles, and more.
Friday: Spend a morning at Wasatch Mountain State Park exploring by the water before heading to the Wasatch Aquatic Center to end with a splash..

Camp Details

Traditional Camp Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

Drop off: 8:00am
Pick Up: 4:30pm 

Campers should bring their own sack lunch each day along with sunblock. A free breakfast and afternoon snack are offered for all camp participants. Tennis shoes should be worn every day. Sandals, towel, and swim suit should be packed Monday and Friday. As this is a water theme week, campers should wear clothes they can get wet every day.

Each week we have THEME THURSDAY where campers are welcomed to join staff in wearing a costume.


Full Cost (per session)
Optional Reduced Pricing
Traditional Camp  8:00AM-5:00PM $190 $175






Fill out THIS FORM and email to camps@ymcautah.org or stop by our office:

3216 S. Highland Dr. Suitee 200
Salt Lake City, UT 84106