Youth and Government

   State Director

   Megan Vlaming



   Jr. High Conference Registration Open!

   RSVP for Pre-Legislative Conference

   December 1st from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Registration closes Nov. 22)

   Utah State Capitol Building

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From issues surrounding neighborhood sidewalks to the national healthcare debate, in Youth and Government teens discuss alternatives and solutions to some of the largest issues facing community well being in our state and nation. By nurturing innovation, fostering a sense of responsibility and building leadership skills, we ensure our future leaders will be active and engaged leaders. 

Students in Youth and Government Programs learn public speaking, writing, and debate skills. Youth and Government not only teaches teens how to write and pass a bill but engages them in the community and provides them with the opportunity to address community needs.

About Utah's Youth and Government Program 
Teachers and Administrators
Students and Parents


2017-2018 School Year Schedule

Jr. High Timeline

September: Clubs Begin
November: Pre-Legislative Trainings
       Nov. 3 Salt Lake County
                 Eisenhower Jr. High
                 1:30 to 3:30 PM
       Nov. 11 Ogden County
                 Highland Jr. High School
                 3:30 to 5:30 PM
December 1 : Model State Legislature
February: Advocacy Day

High School Timeline

January: Clubs Begin
February: Advocacy Day
March: Pre-Conference Training
March: Appilcations for the Conference on National Affairs
April: Model State Legislature
July: Conference on National Affairs in North Carolina

Annual Model State Legislatures

Jr. High School Fall Conference: Registration opens October 1st

Location: Utah State Capitol Complex
Date: Friday, December 1st
Full Cost: $45

High School Spring Conference: Registration opens January 1st

Location: Utah State Capitol Complex
Dates: TBA
Full Cost: $45

Financial Assistance

We realize that individuals and families have differing abilities to pay. Students who are unable to pay for the full cost of the conference are encouraged to apply for a conference scholarship after completing their conference registration.