Vincent's Y Story

Vincent attends the Y’s Afterschool Program in Taylorsville. One day, Vincent did not want to work on his homework and was being disruptive to other youth who were trying to work. Program Coordinator, Brittany, asked him why he wasn’t working on his homework and he said that he didn’t think he could do it because it was too hard.

Brittany started talking with Vincent about other things and eventually brought the conversation back to math. After asking him to teach her how to do a math problem, Vincent created his own problem on the board and showed Brittany how to work through it. Brittany snuck a look at Vincent’s homework and wrote one of the homework problems on the board. Vincent showed her how to do the problem and finished it himself. When Brittany revealed that he had just completed one of the problems on his homework, Vincent excitedly sat down with Brittany to teach her the rest of the problems. He was so focused on completing his homework packet that we worked on it for 45 minutes straight! Vincent continuously works hard on his math homework and now has the confidence that he can learn to solve the most difficult problems.