Jenny's Y Story

Jenny has been volunteering for the Y’s Preschool Program for about a year through Salt Lake Community College’s America Reads Program. “I was nervous on my first day in the Preschool classroom, I didn’t interact with the kids much, I just kept to the task that was given to me. Eventually I became more and more comfortable and began leading small projects and lessons.”

For many of the Preschool students English is their second language and that was a major barrier between them and their academic potential. Jenny speaks Spanish and was able to connect with our Spanish-speaking students that needed extra attention. Jenny is proud to have made an impact in lives of her students and has learned so much from the Y’s Preschool Staff.

There are a lot of places Jenny could be spending her time volunteering, but she chose our YMCA. On behalf of the entire YMCA Preschool Staff and students, thank you Jenny for your time and dedication.