Polk Elementary Afterschool Program


Changing for a Stronger Future

SY 18-19 

At the Y, we aim to be adaptable to the needs of  our community.  Every year we are growing some programs, scaling back others, and making adjustments to our services to best meet the changing needs of families in the communities we serve. We recognize the weight of these decisions and take them seriously, knowing that kids, parents, and teachers are counting on us.

Each year the Y earmarks over $1.5 million of its operating revenue to provide financial assistance to more than 800 families.  For the past several years, the YMCA and similar non-profits have experienced significant cuts in public funding, which has consequently reduced our ability to deliver desperately needed services to individuals who need it the most. 

With the on-going uncertainty of public funding, the Y has made the hard choice to eliminate select programs that, while worthy and impactful, simply arenot in high demand and lack financial support.

Every choice we make is aimed at helping more kids do better in school, be ready to enter kindergarten, and stay active and engaged during the summer. So thanks for being committed to the Y, because we’re committed to you.   

We are excited to continue working closely with you as we refocus our resources to best serve our entire community.   If you have any questions, please contact us, we want to hear from you.