Utah You Be The Chemist Winner Goes to National Challenge

June 28, 2018
Brody Lister, winner of the Utah You be the Chemist competition hosted by the YMCA of Northern Utah, recently participated in the national challenge. This is Brody's Y story about his experience.
"When I won the state competition it just felt surreal to know that I was going to Washington DC to participate in this national competition, and to compete against the best of the other 41 states who were there. I felt confident going in, even though I knew what the competition was and that these kids have been there many times where this was only my first time. I was really nervous and at one point I was anxious to be done, because I knew that the stress would be over, the late-night studying would be over, but I didn't realize how sad I would be to have to leave DC. The competition was so fun and it was awesome to see all of the people, all of the places, and all the other things to do. The competition and the national challenge itself, were amazing. Overall, it was super fun to be there, and I definitely have to say thank you to the Y. I really do appreciate everything that they do, and I don't think everybody realizes how much goes into even just the state competition. Without the Y doing everything that they did, I don't know if I could've made it to DC. So, thank you. And I mean it."
Thank you Brody for representing our state so well.