Mill Hollow

Summer Camp

at YMCA Mill Hollow

What can you expect when you send your child for 7 days at Mill Hollow?

Check In

Campers will check in and load the bus at 10 AM on Saturdays. We offer pick up locations in Ogden, Salt Lake, Heber, and Park City. You can see details about this process here. For camp dates in 2017, click here.

The Self Selected Schedule

At Mill Hollow, we offer a range of activities at specific times. Campers create their own schedule by selecting which activities to to participate in. While staff ensure every camper is at an activity, it is the camper's responsible to be at their chosen activity on time. Because space is limited for each program, we can not guarantee what any given camper will do. However with the range of activities and variety of programing in each time block, campers will always be able to find an enjoyable and engaging choice.

Campers may choose to participate in an activity tract. They'll be offered a list of recommended activities to help them specialize in certain topics. Campers who choose to complete a tract will be recognized at the end of the week for the commitment they showed to their selected topic.

Outdoor Exploration Programming

Our goal at YMCA Mill Hollow is to connect youth with the natural world. Each activity allows campers to develop a relationship with the Utah environment. Whether photographing the forest, hiking one of our many trails, examining fossils and geology at our fossil bed, or identifying constellations in astronomy, campers will develop a sense of awe for the natural world around them. Programming is hands on to allow campers the chance to literally take the experience into their own hands and fully engage with every aspect of camp.

Along with the outdoor exploration programming during the day, youth will enjoy traditional summer camp programming such as evening campfires, nightly reflection, flag ceremony, sleeping in a cabin, and camp games.

Check Out

Check out will occur at the same location as Check In at 11 AM on Saturday. For more information on what to expect at check out, click here. For camp dates in 2017, click here.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the registration process or camp in general, please contact the office at 801-839-3379, or by email at