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at YMCA Camp Mill Hollow

What can you expect when you send your child for 7 days at Mill Hollow?

The Camp

YMCA Camp Mill Hollow is a 7 day camp experience for 6th-10th graders geared for pre-teens and teens choose their own schedule, explore the Wasatch National Forest, and experience fun and adventure! Youth feel a sense of independence, community, and self confidence at YMCA Camp Mill Hollow while still having the traditional camp feel with camp songs, evening campfires, nightly reflection, flag ceremony, sleeping in a cabin, and camp games. With the ability that campers have to build their own schedules, they can spend a week trying a little bit of everything or picking a few topics and specializing in options such as:

  • Hiking
  • Backpacking Basics
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Geocaching
  • Mountain Biking
  • Smart Phone Photography
  • Arts - Painting, Bracelet Making, Stone Making, String Art
  • Wood Burning
  • Geology Hikes
  • Astronomy
  • Campfire
  • Camp Wide Games

Each morning campers can choose to sleep in until breakfast or get up early and participate in morning clubs. Every night will have a different evening events, from campfires to camp wide games. After the evening activity and reflection campers can go to bed or stay up to participate in astronomy. Each cabin will participate in the week long cabin competition where they earn point in night activities and by showing cabin spirit. Campers can also opt into the YMCA World Wide goal setting program of Raggers (click to learn more about this program).

2018 Dates 
The Self Selected Schedule

At YMCA Camp Mill Hollow, we offer a range of activities at specific times. Campers create their own schedule by selecting which activities to to participate in. While staff ensure every camper is at an activity, it is the camper's responsible to be at their chosen activity on time. Because space is limited for each program, we can not guarantee what any given camper will do. However with the range of activities and variety of programming in each time block, campers will always be able to find an enjoyable and engaging choice. Early Birds can enjoy morning clubs. Night Owls can participate in astronomy at night. Open Time will let them play sports with friends, enjoy relaxing around camp, and visit the camp store. Every personality will thrive at YMCA Camp Mill Hollow.

Bus Transportation

All campers arrive at camp on the bus. The bus is included in the cost of camp. Campers will check in and load the bus Saturday mornings. Check out will occur at the same location the following Saturday. We offer pick up locations in Ogden, Salt Lake, Heber, and Park City. You will need to bring the Camp Admission Card with you to Check-In. You can see details about this process here. 


Contact Us

If you have any questions about the registration process or camp in general, please contact the office at 801-839-3379, or by email at