Camp Rental


We have two facilities, YMCA Camp Mill Hollow and YMCA Camp Roger, that offer a chance to experience the great outdoors by welcoming and involving individuals of all ages, genders, races, faiths, abilities, and income levels. In the past we have served, but are not limited to working with, the following groups:

  • Churches/Temple Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Private and Public Schools
  • Colleges and Universities (including their clubs and other organizations)
  • Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts/4-H
  • Community Service Organizations/Leadership Programs
  • Family & Friend Reunions
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Yurt Winter Rentals
  • Weddings



Lodging: YMCA Camp Mill Hollow has 8 cabins total of various sizes; 5 cabins sleep 24 people, 3 cabins sleep 28 people (these are split cabins that sleep 14 on each side). Each cabin has electricity, lights, bunk beds, mattresses, screened in windows. Bathrooms and showers are located in the center of the cabin. Look at a map of camp and cabin layouts

Pricing: Pricing is based off of the amount of space needed to reserve (not the number of people attending). Click on Rates above to view pricing.

Dates: Camp Mill Hollow is available to rent in August after our summer season is over (typically early August) through the month of September. Due to it's location in the Uinta mountains, Camp Mill Hollow closes beginning of October. 

Mill Hollow Facility Photos

 *2019 Rental Calendar Opens October 1st 2018*




If you have any questions about the rentals, please contact the office at 801-839-3379 or by email at