Mill Hollow

Check In/Check Out


Sundays at 4:30pm

Check-In will begin at 4:30pm on site at Camp Mill Hollow. Arriving before then will only increase your wait time and is discouraged. You will need to bring the Camp Admission Card with you to Check-In. Parking is limited at Camp Mill Hollow so we encourage carpooling whenever possible! Families will follow signs for the education center and park at the basketball courts. Please be aware that the road to Camp Mill Hollow is not friendly for all types of vehicles; all wheel drive vehicles, SUVS or trucks are strongly encouraged. 

Please note that Check-In involves important preparations to ensure your child’s stay at camp is successful!  Our goal is to move you through the process as quickly as possible, in under 30 minutes. However, it can take longer, depending how many campers arrive on a given day.  Steps include checking in upon arrival, head checks, a visit with the health supervisor to discuss any medications, meeting staff, and unloading the bus with campers and luggage.  Each child’s health and time at camp is important to us, so please allow adequate time to ensure your child is all set.

Please make sure to have the required camp forms filled out and returned to the camp office at least six weeks before your arrival. You must bring the Camp Admission Card with you to Check-In. It can not be sent in early. 


Fridays at 5:45pm

Pick up will begin at 5:45pm on site at Camp Mill Hollow. You must have ID on you to sign your child and any medications out.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about the registration process, financial assistance, or camp in general, please contact the office at 801-839-3379, or by email at