Camp Roger

Camp Types

Below is a list and a brief snapshot description of every type of camp we offer here at YMCA Camp Roger. Click on the type of camp name to learn more information. 


Little Roger's (ages 6-7)

One night, two day experience for our youngest fans who just can't wait to come to camp! This is the best camp to get your little ones excited for camp so that when they do come for a week long, it's not as daunting. 

Mini Camp (ages 7-8)

Check-In on Sunday but Check-Out early on Wednesday evening. This is the perfect in-between camp that is available for the younger group that are just not quite ready to stay for an entire week at camp. They get to get a taste of what camp is. Register soon because Mini Camp always fills up fast!

Traditional Camp (ages 8-15)

Our classic camp that you can never go wrong with. This is the best "all around" experience of camp and is where campers get to truly discover the magic of camp roger. This is the traditional camp that Camp Roger is best known for. 


Jr. Horsemanship (ages 8-9)

For our youngest horse lovers, this camp teaches beginner's knowledge of riding and safety. It gets the younger kids comfortable around camp, the corral and our horses while still getting the traditional camp experience. 

Trail Blazers (ages 10-15)

The best of both worlds. Trail Blazer's blends our Horsemanship Camp with Traditional Camp. This camp is for those who want more than just a horseback ride but still want to participate in traditional camp activities and don't want to spend everyday with the horses. 

Horsemanship 1 Camp (ages 10-15)

This is the camp for novice riders. Horsemanship 1 starts your relationship with the horses and will teach the basics of horsemanship.

Horsemanship 2 Camp (ages 10-15)

For those who have already completed Horsemanship 1, Horsemanship 2 focuses on increasing your horse knowledge, developing good body position in the walk and trot, learning simple patters and perfecting riding skills.

Horsemanship 3 Camp (ages 10-15)

Builds on skills learned in levels 1 and 2, instruction includes horse health and knowledge and riding.  Riders will improve their ability to control horses at all gaits and will take trail rides.

Advanced Horsemanship Camp (ages 13-15)

Riders take on more responsibility in the corral for daily horse care and have the opportunity for self-directed study. They also go on an extended trail ride. 


Creative Arts Camp (ages 11-15)

Calling all of the artists! This camp is for those who can't get enough of arts and crafts and want to spend half of each day with our Arts and Crafts Specialist.

Extreme Camp (ages 12-15)

For all of those that love that adrenaline rush, this is the best camp for them! Utah is known for all of the variety of outdoor activities we have and we take advantage of all those here.


Rising Star (age 14)

This camp serves as the bridge between Traditional Camp and our LIT/WIT program and is for those who want to rise to be more than just a camper. Campers get the best of both worlds of taking on more responsibilities in the morning while still participating in traditional camp activities in the afternoons. 

Leader in Training/Wrangler in Training (ages 15-16)

The LIT and WIT programs work in conjunction as a two week leadership development program that trains campers in necessary skills and responsibilities to be staff in years to come. Wrangler in Training is specifically for our older more experienced horse campers who are interested in working with the horse program in the future as a staff member. 

Counselor in Training (ages 16-17)

The CIT experience will build upon and refine participant’s leadership abilities through more work in programs and cabins. It is a great opportunity to learn skills that can be used for future jobs and college applications. 



If you have any questions about the registration process or camp in general, please contact the office at 801-839-3379, or by email at