Camp Roger



When can I register my child for camp?

Registration for camp typically begins in October and ends once the session is filled. We may not have all the specialty camps scheduled by then. But we will have all our specialty camps by November 1st. Registration for each session closes at least four week prior to the camp session. Camps do fill quickly so register early in the year to guarantee a spot.

How can I register my child for camp?

Complete the registration form (click here for registration instructions) and submit it to the YMCA with the non-refundable $75 deposit per session or full payment. If you are applying for financial assistance, you must also submit proof of income (IRS 1040 tax form, W-2s, copies of one months worth of paycheck stubs). Click here for information on our Financial Assistance. Incomplete registration forms will be returned and will not be processed until they are complete.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is $75 per camper per session, including those applying for financial assistance. Deposits are non-refundable or transferable.

What forms of payment are accepted?

The YMCA accepts checks, money orders, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express). Cash is accepted if delivered to the YMCA office during business hours.

When are the final payment, health form, waiver, and camper information sheet due?

Full payment and all camper paperwork are due SIX WEEKS before your child's camp session. Failure to submit payment and/or completed paperwork by the deadline could result in your child not attending.

Does the health form have to be signed by a doctor?

Each camper's health form must be signed by a licensed medical professional (i.e. doctor, physician assistant, registered nurse) if on Form 2, any of the asterisked items listed in the Health History Form Past or Present section are check boxed yes. The health form must be signed by the parent or guardian of the child. Unsigned forms will be returned. You can access the form here. If you fill out the electronic version of the Camper Paperwork and you select one of the asterisked items, you will receive the Doctor's Authorization note via email as a PDF.

How can I get a refund?

If you notify the YMCA office at least six weeks prior to your child's camp session, your camp fee will be refunded minus the $75.00 non-refundable or transferable deposit. Campers who must leave camp for medical reasons not of their own choosing will be sent a prorated refund. A refund will not be given to those campers who miss their camp departure, fail to attend, choose to attend late/depart early or are sent home for behavioral reasons.

Where is the YMCA office? What are your office hours?

The YMCA office is located at 3216 South Highland Drive #200, Salt Lake City, UT 84106. The YMCA is open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday year-round. The YMCA is closed all weekends and limited holidays.


Where is Camp Roger located?

Camp Roger is located one-hour east of Salt Lake City in the Uinta Mountains. Specifically, camp is 14.5 miles east of Kamas on Mirror Lake Highway at Soapstone Basin. Click here for driving directions. 

Is Camp Roger a safe place?

YES! All staff at Camp Roger are college-age or older with a clean/acceptable background. They participate in one-week of training before camp starts and learn about working with children, child abuse prevention, policies and procedures, emergency training, CPR/First Aid, and more. The maximum staff to camper ratio is 1:8. Staff are never alone with individual campers.

The facilities at Camp Roger also ensure camper safety. While there are always risks being in the outdoors, the YMCA has made facility improvements to improve the safety of camp. Camp is surrounded by a fence. Cabins provide sufficient shelter from inclement weather. The doors on the cabins and bathhouses lock to keep out unwanted visitors (i.e. animals, unannounced visitors)

Are there phones, computers, or email at camp?

Because Camp Roger is located in the heart of the mountains, communication is very limited. There are neither grounded phone lines nor any cell phone service; however, the YMCA has a satellite phone to make emergency calls and wi-fi to communicate with parents if the need arises. If you have an emergency message that you must get to your camper, please e-mail the director at

What does a typical cabin look like?

All cabins are one-room buildings with six sets of bunk beds, electricity, and small storage area. Each cabin is decorated by the counselors that live in the cabin so each cabin feels like home. To get an idea of what camp is like watch the video below:


How many campers and staff stay in a cabin?

There are two staff and up to ten campers that live in one cabin for the week.

Is there electricity and running water at camp?

The buildings at camp have electricity. Only select buildings ( I.E., the lodge, bathhouses, and infirmary) have running water. The bathhouses are so modern that it hardly feels like camping!

Are there private or community showers in the bathhouses?

There are private showers in both the girls' and boys' bathhouses.

What kind of animals and bugs are at camp?

Remember Camp Roger is in the great outdoors so we must share our space with those that were there before we were. Campers will encounter mosquitoes, flies, and the occasional spider or tick. Campers are encouraged to bring bug spray, but for those who do not the YMCA will supply the repellent. The more interesting guests that grace our meadow are ground squirrels/gophers, mice, deer, and moose. In addition, there are beavers and fish in the nearby water sources and occasionally a snake on one of the trails.


What activities do the campers participate in?

The activities offered at Camp Roger include horseback riding (additional cost), arts and crafts (i.e. boondogle, tye-dye), archery, swimming, mountain biking, hiking, outdoor education, campfire skits, sports (i.e. basketball, sand volleyball, soccer) and lots of fun!

Can campers with special needs attend Camp Roger?

Camp Roger accepts all children who can spend six days away from home; can bathe, get dressed, and use the restroom without assistance; can sufficiently follow instructions; and are comfortable living in a very rustic setting. If your child has special needs, please adequately complete the registration form, health form and camper information sheet so that we may best serve your child. Camp Roger has welcomed children with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, epilepsy, and physical disabilities.

What time do the campers wake-up and go to bed?

Campers wake-up at 7:00am and have lights out at 10:00pm. Each day is action-packed so campers have free time during each afternoon to provide them with plenty of energy to enjoy all activities.

How many times will each camper get to go horseback riding?

All campers will have the opportunity to go horseback riding around the corral if you opt to pay the additional fee. Wrangler campers will go horseback riding at least five times, plus they will spend time each day with the horses: learning about their daily care, grooming, Western riding, and more. Camp Roger has only 20 horses and schedules horseback riding in every activity slot possible, but unfortunately the number of horses combined with the campers does not allow for daily horseback riding.


How many staff work at Camp Roger?

There are approximately 40 staff consisting of 20 counselors, cooks, health supervisor, maintenance worker, program directors, and camp director.

Are the staff well trained?

All staff must attend a six-day training prior to camp. During this week of training they are certified in First Aid and CPR as well as receiving extensive education on child development, safety, child abuse prevention, policies and procedures, diversity, conflict resolution, and programming areas. Many of the staff have previous experience working with children or through their college degree courses.

Is there medical staff on-site to tend to the campers conditions?

There is at least one licensed medical professional, such as a CNA, LPN, RN or Wilderness First Responder, at camp at all times. Plus, all camp staff are CPR and First Aid certified.

Can I meet the staff before my child goes to camp?

We encourage all new and returning campers to come to the Open House. Click here for more information on our Camp Events. Parents and campers can meet the staff, tour the camp, and enjoy a piece of the fun that the campers will experience! If you are unable to attend the Open House, you can schedule a meeting with the camp director by contacting them at 801.839.3379 or

Is Camp Roger a religious camp?

Camp Roger is a non-denominational camp that welcomes children from all backgrounds.


Do you offer financial assistance? How does that work?

Yes. The YMCA believes that all children deserve the opportunity to attend camp. Unfortunately, the YMCA can only distribute as much assistance as the amount of money raised so not every child is guaranteed assistance. Click here for more information.

What is YMCA financial assistance?

The YMCA strives to serve all people regardless of ability to pay. Financial assistance provides fee assistance for deserving campers. Assistance provides the opportunity for kids to attend camp who otherwise might not be able to due to financial limitations.

Who is eligible to receive financial assistance?

The YMCA uses HUD federal income guidelines based on family size and household income to determine those that qualify for financial assistance.

Economic need is the primary criteria for receiving assistance. Families are eligible regardless of gender, race, color, national origin, religion, financial status, marital status, sexual orientation or disability. We strive to achieve more diversity in our campers, and therefore actively seek out relationships with schools and partnering organizations who will help us provide scholarships to a diverse group of children.

As we hope to allow as many children as possible to attend as a result of our fundraising, we grant financial assistance for one session per camper. We welcome siblings from the same family.

What is the process?

Parents complete the standard camp registration form, include the Financial Assistance Form, Camper Letter, and Teacher Reference Form and return with documented proof-of-income (copy of current tax return, W-2s, paycheck stubs) and $75 deposit. The YMCA will notify your family within a week of receiving you application regarding your exact assistance amount.

How is financial assistance distributed?

A portion of the financial assistance will be given on a first-come first-served basis depending on space available in the requested camp session. The financial assistance amount granted is taken off of the cost of Traditional Camp. If you are signing up for a horse camp or specialty camp, you must pay the difference in price. 

Will my child receive full (100%) financial assistance?

No. We have found that families that make an investment are more likely to attend camp, whereas families that do not make an investment are very likely to back out at the last minute. Our minimum fee for those in the greatest financial need is $75. Occasionally a partnering organization will offer to pay all of the parent's share. We strongly urge against that, as our experience has been that it leads to a very high chance of cancellation. However, we gladly welcome organizations that help us stretch our funding dollars by offering to contribute toward a child's financial assistance or paying a portion of the camp fees.

What if my financial assistance is not enough?

In the event that the YMCA is not able to provide you with assistance that meets your family's needs, you may request a refund of your $75 deposit in writing no later than 6 weeks before your child's camp session. Verbal requests and requests received less than 6 weeks before your child's camp session will not be honored.


Do you honor cabin mate requests?

We try to honor cabin mate requests as long as they are the same gender and within a year of each other's age and in the same type of camp.  Example: we bunk Horsemanship 1 campers together, Mini-Camp campers together, Traditional campers together, etc.

Can I send my camper mail?

Yes! Kids love receiving messages from home while at camp. To send mail via the post office we recommend you post it no later than Tuesday to assure delivery by Thursday. We know your kids like candy but so do mice! Please do not send food or candy. Camp Roger is not within the delivery areas of UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. Please address letters as follows:

YMCA Camp Roger
Child's Name
General Delivery
Kamas, UT 84036

You can also send an electronic note to your camper via BunkNotes. You can see a video on how to use BunkNotes. Or you can download a PDF version of instructions on how to use BunkNotes here..

How will I know my child is having a good time at camp?

It is typical for first-time camp parents to be worried about their children, but there is no need. From the time the campers get to camp, staff work with the campers to get to know them and help them make new friends. Most campers are so busy having fun, participating in new activities, or laughing with their new friends that they rarely have time to think about missing the comforts of home.

If you provided your email address on the registration form, you will receive a general email update during your child's week at camp. This can be a great assurance for parents! If you are extremely concerned about your child, feel free to contact the director at Checking out our Facebook page to see the pictures that we post daily is also a great way to see what your camper is up to!

What kind of food is served?

All meals offer several options to accommodate for children's varying tastes and needs. Meals are prepared fresh daily to provide the campers with nutritional balanced choices.

  • Breakfast may be pancakes, bacon, and fresh fruit OR biscuits and gravy with sausage. Milk, cold cereal and oatmeal are available every morning.
  • Lunch may be grilled cheese sandwiches, soup, apple slices, and Jello OR chicken sandwiches, tator tots, fruit cocktail and yogurt.
  • Dinner may be a choice of spaghetti with meat sauce or macaroni and cheese, served with a bread stick, green beans, and fruit salad OR a choice of tacos or burritos with all the toppings, served with corn, cantaloupe, and a brownie.

What if my child is a picky eater or has numerous food allergies?

Most children are pickier eaters than adults so our menu is planned with the children in mind. We do encourage campers try everything that is served and we often find that once they've tried it or see their new friends enjoying it they themselves like it to! We do ensure every child gets plenty to eat and if we have a child that will not or cannot eat what is being served the kitchen will supply them with an alternative. If your child has specific dietary needs or restrictions we ask that you contact the Camp Director ahead of time to ensure we are prepared to meet the campers needs.

How do the campers get to camp?

Bus transportation to and from Camp Roger is available for an additional fee of $30 each way. The pick-up/drop-off location is Adib's Rug Gallery (formerly the Villa Theatre). You also have the option to drop off and/or pick-up your child at Camp Roger.

Do I need to send general allergy or pain medication up with my camper?

Camp Roger has a fully stocked health center to tend to all of the typical medical needs of the campers. If your child takes an over-the-counter medication regularly, please bring it with you to camp and give it to the health supervisor at check-in on Sunday. If you are concerned with your child having a random headache or scrape, and you have approved the medications section on the health form, the health supervisor can supply him/her with the appropriate over-the-counter medication or bandage supplies.

If your child is taking any prescription medications, please give all medications to the health supervisor in the original container that identifies the prescribing physician, the name of the medication, the dosage, and the frequency of administration. Do not pack any medication. All prescribed and over-the-counter medication must be turned in to the Health Center at check-in.

What should my child pack for their week at camp?

When packing for camp, please remember that Camp Roger is a rustic camp located in the mountains, where there can be hot days and cool nights. Camp Roger provides plenty of opportunities to get dirty. We encourage you to pack old clothes with lots of layers. Long pants and closed toe shoes are required for horseback riding. Please label all personal items with your child's name. Packing lists for specific camps can be found here.

What should my child not pack for their week at camp?

The following should not be brought to camp: cell phones, music players, jewelry, money, matches/lighters, fireworks/ explosives, guns, knives, drugs, cigarettes, illegal items, valuables, and new/expensive clothing. If any of the above items are found at camp, we will collect, label, and store them until they can be given to a parent/guardian at the conclusion of the week. If any fireworks, guns, knives or illegal items are found, the item(s) will be confiscated, the proper authorities notified, and the camper will be sent home.

Please do not bring food or candy. If you chose to send food items because your child has dietary needs, please label all items and give them to the camp nurse at check-in.

The YMCA is not responsible for any lost, stolen or misplaced personal possessions. All unclaimed lost items will be donated to a charitable organization on September 1st.

Where and when do I drop off my child on Sunday?

If your children are riding the bus to camp, they need to be dropped off on Sunday evening at 3:15pm at Adib's Rug Gallery (formerly the Villa Theater) parking lot at 3092 S. Highland Drive in Salt Lake City. The bus leaves for camp promptly at 3:30pm.

If you are taking your children directly to Camp Roger, they need to be there at 4:30pm. If you would like to arrive a little early we will have a grill out beginning at 3:30, this will give you a chance to meet the camp staff before check-in begins. Cabin assignments will not be given out before 4:30 on check-n day.

Where and when do I pick up my child on Friday?

We welcome you to join us Friday evenings for Camp Roger’s Family Friday Festivities. Parents are invited to attend the closing ceremonies to share in and experience the magic of camp. If you are unable to arrive early for any of the evening activities please ensure that you do arrive by 7:00pm to pick up your camper.

The Friday Family Programming will include:

  • 5:30 - Dog Tag award ceremony to recognize camper accomplishments
  • 6:30 - Check-out at the cabin with your camper's counselors
  • Opportunity for your child to introduce you to all their new friends and favorite counselors
  • Opportunity for parents to feel the joy that their child has experienced at Camp Roger

If your children are riding the bus from camp, they need to be picked up on Friday night at 8:00pm at Adib's Rug Gallery (formerly the Villa Theater) parking lot at 3092 S. Highland Drive Salt Lake City. All children must be picked up; permission may not be granted for them to walk home.

Will my child have chores to do at Camp?

Yes. YMCA Camp Roger is encourages participants to share in the responsibilities of keeping camp beautiful and being part of the camp family through the ownership of maintaining camp. This is done by sharing in daily chores which require about 45 minutes a day. These include dish washing, cleaning up the lodge after meals, picking up around camp, cleaning the bathrooms and mucking the corral. We believe this is not only a great occasion to come together as a team and share through service, but it ensures everyone can gain pride and ownership in their camp experience

How do I claim Lost & Found items?

The counselors do their best to ensure that no items are left in each cabin at the end of the week, but there are often articles of clothing left in conspicuous places. The staff attempt to find the appropriate owners for all items before campers get on the bus and depart for home. Unclaimed items are usually sent back on the bus and stored at the YMCA office for convenience; email a description (color, size, any details) of the item lost, camper name and session attended to All unclaimed lost items will be donated to a charitable organization on September 1st.